Common Question 10

Question: Do I really need an attorney? Why can’t I settle my case on my own.

Answer: An attorney can help protect your rights and the value of your claim from the beginning of your case.

If most insurance companies would settle claims for fair value, we wouldn’t need personal injury attorneys. Too often insurance companies try to take advantage of claimants without lawyers. The companies know that the claimant may not know how much a claim is worth. Even if a claimant knows the value of the claim, there is no way to force the insurance company to pay fair value except by obtaining a judgment in court. Insurance companies know that most non-lawyers can’t do that alone.

Too often, clients have come to me because the insurance company offered so little that the client was forced to hire an attorney. Your attorney can do the following:

  • speak with the insurance company for you, so the company can’t use your own words against you
  • help you to obtain necessary medical treatment
  • obtain the evidence necessary to fully present your claim to recover full and fair compensation for your injuries.

It costs you no more to have the assistance of an attorney from the beginning of your case than to hire one at the end. It can cost you a lot if you deal directly with the insurance company and inadvertently give company information that can be used against you. The exception to this rule is a case that belongs in Small Claims Court. (See the Small Claims Court Page.)

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