Common Question 11

Question: What to do in case of an automobile accident

  1. Do not admit fault – even if you think that the accident may be your fault – the law will decide that later.
  2. Immediately find witnesses – get the names, addresses and phone numbers of each witness.
  3. Call the police and request a police report.
  4. Exchange the following information with the other driver:
    1. your name (s), address (es) and telephone number (s);
    2. the names, addresses and policy numbers of the insurance companies;
    3. the names and addresses of the registered owners of the vehicles involved in the accident;
  5. Ask to see the other driver’s license, registration and insurance card – don’t just take their word for it.
  6. Tell the police and witnesses about your injuries, pain, numbness, tingling or dizziness that you feel as a result of the accident.
  7. If you are injured, seek medical attention immediately.
  8. Do not discuss your case with anyone. Do not, in particular, discuss your case with an insurance company representative, until you have spoken to an attorney who, like me, specializes in personal injury litigation.

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