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Common Question 3

Question: I was injured in a hit and run accident. What do I do? Answer: You should immediately report the accident to the police department where the accident occurred. You should then consult with your attorney, who can assist you in reporting the accident to your insurance company. Your attorney can also help to determine … Continue reading Common Question 3

Common Question 2

Question: I was injured in an auto accident. Are there time limits for starting a lawsuit? Answer: Yes. There are various time limits, as follows: The time limit, called “Statute of Limitations” in California is two years for a personsal injury claim. This means that if you want to make a claim for your injuries, … Continue reading Common Question 2

Common Question 1

Question: Can I afford your services? What is a contingency fee? Answer: Yes, you can. All accident cases accepted by my law firm are handled on a contingency fee basis. This means that my fee is a percentage of the money that I obtain for you. You pay no money to me until I obtain … Continue reading Common Question 1