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Common Question 13

Question: What are the penalties for driving without insurance? YOU CANNOT COLLECT ALL YOUR DAMAGES. If you are the owner or driver of a vehicle with no insurance and you are injured in an accident, California law says that you are limited in what you can be paid for your injuries. Usually, an injured person … Continue reading Common Question 13

Common Question 12

Question: Why automobile insurance is important to you I am not a fan of insurance companies – I fight them every day. However, I recognize that insurance has benefits for each of us. To understand what type of insurance is best to have, it is important to understand what types of insurance are available, and … Continue reading Common Question 12

Common Question 11

Question: What to do in case of an automobile accident Do not admit fault – even if you think that the accident may be your fault – the law will decide that later. Immediately find witnesses – get the names, addresses and phone numbers of each witness. Call the police and request a police report. … Continue reading Common Question 11

Common Question 10

Question: Do I really need an attorney? Why can’t I settle my case on my own. Answer: An attorney can help protect your rights and the value of your claim from the beginning of your case. If most insurance companies would settle claims for fair value, we wouldn’t need personal injury attorneys. Too often insurance … Continue reading Common Question 10

Common Question 9

Question: I am not happy with the attorney who is handling my case, and want to replace him or her. Can I change attorneys? Do I still have to pay the attorney who I want to replace? Answer: Yes, you have the right to change attorneys. Your former attorney may have a claim against you … Continue reading Common Question 9

Common Question 8

Question: I was seriously injured, however my doctor told me that he/she will not testify in court, and will not involve himself/herself in my lawsuit. Can I still recover money damages for my injuries? Answer: Yes. Even if your doctor is unwilling to cooperate in any way with your claim or lawsuit, we can usually … Continue reading Common Question 8

Common Question 7

Question: I was injured at work. Can I still recover money damages for my injuries? Answer: In California, most employees are covered by Worker’s Compensation. This provides payments for medical and hospital expenses, and partial reimbursement for lost wages, for injuries sustained in the course of employment. Also, workers’ compensation benefits may include a lump … Continue reading Common Question 7

Common Question 6

Question: I was injured in an accident that was partially my fault. Can I still recover money damages for my injuries? Answer: Yes. In California, a person may recover monetary damages for his or her injuries, even if the injured party was partially at fault. However, the recovery will be reduced by the percentage of … Continue reading Common Question 6

Common Question 5

Question: The accident was the other driver’s fault. Why should I use my own insurance? Will my rate go up? Answer: The law requires only that each driver carry “liability” insurance. This is insurance that covers “the other guy” in case of an accident that is your fault. There are several other types of coverage … Continue reading Common Question 5

Common Question 4

Question: I was injured in an accident caused by a driver who was uninsured. How can I recover money for my pain and suffering? Answer: You may be able to recover compensation in the following ways: If there is Uninsured Motorist insurance to cover your accident, you can recover compensation from your own carrier. Your … Continue reading Common Question 4